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Our Vision:  NEDA 300

Greenhouse Training

"The Harvest is Plentiful but the workers are few…. "

-- Jesus


"Church planting is the single most effective form of evangelism under heaven"

-- C. Peter Wagner



Our Vision


God has given the leaders of the New England District  Association a very specific vision:  PLANT 300 CHURCHES IN THE NEXT 30 YEARS.


We’ve dubbed the venture:  NEDA 300


Three hundred churches in 30 years!


How is that possible? 


In reality, the goal is a modest one from these perspectives:


#1 – It will only be a drop in the very large bucket of need in New England

where over 15 million people live and less than 360,000 of them are associated with a church that preaches the Gospel – that’s less than 24 in 1,000  who are associated with a church that preaches the gospel. 


That means that if you encounter 100 people this week, you and your family may be the only witness for Christ these people will see.


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#2 – It’s humble compared to the rapid multiplication of churches in other parts of the world

where God is moving his people beyond the institutional model of church growth and church planting; and thousands of churches are being raised up in relatively short periods of time. 


You can read about Church Planting Movements around the world and realize like we do, It’s time for it to happen here.


How will we do it?  We have to begin by:


raising leaders from the harvest for the harvest.


It won’t happen by attracting people who are already Christians to cancel their subscriptions elsewhere and to become customers of our churches.  We need to reach the ever expanding “customer base” of non churched people – people for whom church and Christ are currently irrelevant. 


Currently, we are looking for catalytic leaders who understand an organic approach to ministry (as opposed to an institutional approach).  They are people who understand that the church is an organism first and not just an organization.   They recognize that we need to reproduce leaders (by design) in order to reproduce churches.  They know that you can’t make more leaders without making more disciples.  And we don’t make more disciples if we don’t do evangelism.



       It starts with the seed...

….and ends with a harvest.


“30, 60 and a 100-fold”

(Mark 4:8)

Greenhouse Training

Principles of Church Health, Church Multiplication, and Saturation Church Planting

An invitation and explanation from Ves:

This seminar will be highly interactive, base all discussions on the Word of God, and result in a better understanding of a Biblical approach to multiplication of disciples, ministries, leaders, and churches.  We chose “Greenhouse Training” as the name for this seminar because we believe the fruit from this seminar will be organic church growth and organic, saturation church planting. We really hope that you can come.


Maybe you’re like me:  when I became a Christian as a university student, I thought I signed up and enlisted in an army that would change the world by reaching every person with the gospel. After seminary and about 10 years of ministry, that dream of helping to reach the world almost died. Why? The local churches that I served in took so much time with ministry to Christians in the church that I lost sight of the only vision truly worthy of the Body of Christ-- reaching a lost and dying world with the gospel through a saturation church planting movement.


Now that dreamed has been revived.  I have seen first-hand the incredible church planting movements that the Holy Spirit is launching around the world in persecuted lands.  This has led me to make this simple observation:  “These church planting movements look just like the New Testament saturation church planting movement that Jesus launched, but they have little in common with the American churches in which I have served.”


It is clearly time for radical followers of the Master to return to the ecclesiology and missiology of Jesus and the Apostles. His saturation church planting movement was: anchored in the Word of God, global from inception, transformational of individuals and cultures, met most often in homes where life is lived, and trained pastors, leaders and disciples non-formally. So, if any of what I am sharing with you rings a bell of truth in your heart of passion for the lost, then you will not want to miss this opportunity to meet with others who, like you, would truly like to change the world by becoming part of a saturation evangelism and church planting movement that will reach New England and impact all of the world.

For more information please contact the NEDA Office at (860) 674-9541 or click here.